Firstly, I personally wish you all a safe journey through this time in our lives. 

Some of our products are essential for people, such as Doctor Smooch for eczema and other skin conditions, other low-allergenic products that we have; such as sensitive shampoos and soaps are also essential for some of our customers. We have shut down the production side in the case of cross-contamination but will send out products whilst we are able / allowed for essential purchases. No staff, besides myself is required for this and I am sending them from my place of lock down so no extra outings are needed.

We are still filling orders for pharmacies.

We are no longer sending any orders outside of New Zealand to help restrict contamination between countries.

Good luck everyone. Working together at keeping apart keeps us all safe!

Kind regards



100% Natural Skincare

No fillers, fragrances, preservatives, palm oil, plastic or stabilisers. It's what we leave out that adds to our difference.

View our best seller – Dr. Smooch 

Loved by thousands with sensitive skin or skin conditions. 

“My dry itchy skin has been healed and looks amazing for the first time in 30 years.” - Lea 

                                     “Great products. So natural and effective. Thanks Smooch Natural Products.” - Kathy Houghton Naturopath



We don’t use fillers, fragrances, preservatives, palm oil or stabilisers. We love the power of being natural.

We don’t use any plastic. We love our environment. 

Our products defend against free radicals. We love to protect.

We don’t use anything you can’t eat. We love healthy skin food.

Our products deeply nourish. We love to nurture. 

We provide affordable skincare with a money back guarantee. We love our customers.


nz made         vegan        cruelty free


dr smooch

Dr. Smooch

A nourishing daily moisturiser designed for dry or sensitive skin, forever. Try Dr. Smooch today Risk free with a 100% Money Back Guarantee and find out why customers rave about Dr. Smooch for skin irritations such as eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, dry skin, athlete’s foot, anti-ageing, after sun, hardened or cracked skin, rashes and after shaving.

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I use Dr Smooch for my baby's eczema and since using it all his eczema has completely gone!

— Rebecca, Wellington



Smooch supports the Orangutan Project

cece the orangutanCece is the first orangutan we've adopted, and she is adorable...but what orangutan isn't? She's shy but with attitude and we love that. Deforestation left her an orphan; luckily she was found, and now she's being cared for by the Orangutan Project. By adopting her we are playing our small part in helping Cece get back into the wild, and helping to undo the damage caused by the palm oil industry. 

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Protecting New Zealand's oceans 

As part of our initiative to remain plastic-free, we will donate $1 for every website order to cleaning up NZ oceans.



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