The Story Behind Smooch Natural Products

In 1999 I woke up in the middle of the night with an incredibly itchy scalp. This had happened to me before, in fact most times I tried different shampoos and conditioners I had this reaction. I sat up and poured an almost full jar of coconut oil over my head. I thought my scalp should be moisturised like the rest of my skin. It worked well for a little while, except that I looked like I had stuck my head in a chip vat! 

The benefit I felt got me thinking of a plan. I had always preferred natural products on my skin and when my mother developed Cancer I put this at the forefront of my planning. This is why I came up with the idea of putting nothing on my skin that I couldn't eat. 

My Own Guinea Pig

With my knowledge of making skin care and essential oils I went about making a concoction. Being my own guinea pig and needing some sort of controlled experiment I covered the left side of my body in coconut oil, the right side was for my concoction! The right side, including my difficult scalp, felt smoother, looked better and my scalp didn't itch. It wasn't quite right though. The formula went back to the drawing board. Concoction #1 went on the left side and on went #2 for the right side. This went on for a number of years until I came up with the product we sell today called, Doctor Smooch. I gave it this name as it seemed to cure all.

I wanted a balm that I could use as a moisturiser everyday and one to cure my Psoriasis of the scalp and my Contact Dermatitis caused by stress and nasty ingredients in other products. I did it!

Going To Market

In 2014 we started with 2 massage oils but when going to our first Expo I thought I'd take some Doctor Smooch with us. Our oils still continue to sell well but Doctor Smooch has gone beyond what we ever imagined. It turns out I wasn't the only one with difficult and dry skin. We have now helped thousands of people now which gives us lots of warm fuzzy feelings. We love hearing form our clients. Your feedback is not only welcomed, but encouraged 

Branching Out

From there, I've continued to branch out into other natural products - currently researching products that I believe many would like a 100% natural solution for, including deodorant, sugar scrubs, make up remover, insect repellent, pet care and much more.

Too many chemicals in our lives...

If you can't eat it, it won't be in Smooch Natural Products!

There are too many chemicals around us in our skin care, food, apparently even wine and chocolate (but we’ll ignore those ones). My basic philosophy around skin care ingredients is that I need to be able to pronounce the word, be able to recognise the word as an actual ingredient and I should be able to ingest all of the ingredients without fear. 

I am not a world expert on chemicals and make no claim to know what I’m talking about but I have heard that doctors have found traces of aluminium and other metals in woman’s lymph nodes and breast tissue when they’ve had them removed for cancer reasons. Weird because I don’t know anyone that eats aluminium! Do you? 

These sorts of nasties are in a lot of daily products that we use. My goal is to look at ways of reducing these chemicals in my daily use. So my underlying philosophy in all Smooch Products is that...

The World is Full of Rubbish...So we are proud to be plastic free 

Plastic going into our oceans in something I hope everyone will think about. It's a serious problem for us and the sea life. I wanted to take responsibility as a company and not create more rubbish in our oceans (I like fish). Recycling is great but reducing is the key so we only use glass jars with metal lids. That way they will bio-degrade by themselves if we forget to recycle. 

We welcome any returned jars and even give you a $1 for any jars purchased at full price. 


Corrin Miller

Corrin Miller is the founder of Smooch Natural Products.



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