We at Smooch Natural Products agree with Lindsay Miles and so we have shared her link below. For us we prefer reducing rubbish not creating more of the same. Many of the biodegradable/degradable/compostable plastics that are coming out aren't actually what they claim to be. They don't reduce waste in our landfills and are often made with toxic ingredients that don't decompose. Composting and bio-degrading have to be done under the right conditions and a landfill doesn't provide those conditions. 

We don't need to tell you that plastic is clogging our waterways, killing sea life and creating more rubbish than any generation has created before. We've all heard this before but what are some things we can do to help?

  • Use your own coffee cup (it tastes better, no chemicals being released under the hot temperature)
  • If you use a plastic take away cup, do you really need the lid?
  • Say no to every plastic bag and you'll always find another option. Eg take your own bag, use a cardboard box, buy a non-plastic shopping bag. (this was how I started remembering to take my shopping bags in as I ended up with so many!)
  • When buying something look for the non-plastic option. This is cheaper as wooden/glass/metal lasts longer than the plastic option. 
  • Water bottles! Take your own there are so many options available now. 
  • In a cafe say no if they offer plastic cutlery, cups or plates
  • Straws! Ask for no straw. 
  • Packaging: Go for the one with less (or no) plastic

I'm not perfect but we're trying is my plastic mantra. Every now and then I slip up but the more you do something the more it becomes a habit. The more it becomes a habit the easier it becomes. Try saying no to plastic and you'll see how easy it is. The more if us that do that the more companies will be forced to change their ways. Let's do this! 

As Ghandi says, "Be the change that you wish to see in the world." We can all make a difference one person at a time. 

Smooch Natural Products as a company are making a difference that we're proud of. We still have a long way to go but every month hundreds of non-plastic containers go from our factory that will bio-degrade by themselves without any human assistance and we like that. 

Have a read of Lindsay's article.....


Welcome to the non-plastic club 

Corrin xx

Smooch Natural Products