Due to a comment made we thought we had better explain what we do!

With the help of some larger companies we help them get rid of their waste. At Smooch we don't buy in any plastic at all for our packaging but we do re-use bubble wrap and anything that may come to us from other companies as packaging. 

At the moment we are using bubble wrap, care of Air New Zealand (Thanks guys) and some furniture wrap from a friend that moved here from Australia. Both of these were destined for the rubbish heap and we rescued them! Both clean and perfectly good I wanted to extend the life of them as one off plastic use does make me sad. 

I would love to see bubble wrap wiped out as there are many alternatives available now but if some does happen to come your way re-using is the best possibility; hopefully this helps reduce the amount being made. 

At Smooch we also use shoe boxes and cardboard boxes from other companies so our packaging is a bit of a hotchpotch of re-usable stuff :-)

So if you purchase anything from Smooch Natural products please be assured that we haven't bought new bubble wrap to send to you. Please help us to help the planet by also passing it on to re-use. Let's make sure everything plastic gets as many uses as possible until we can find a new alternative to everything! 

We are currently sourcing courier bags that bio-degrade in home composting situations. 

We are plastic free as much as possible in our packaging, our kitchen and general equipment needed. We love our oceans and all the animals in it so we are keen to do as much as we can to help reduce waste. 

Reduction then Re Use then Recycle is our mantra


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