Away Laughing Part 2: Honeymoon Over and Solenoids Move In!

Not off to a flying start

Making Myself Homeless

Part 1 in 'Away Laughing.' This is the story of my life changing adventure, taking my business Smooch, on the road in my new motor home. Can I run a business from a camper? Can I truly maintain a work / life balance and still have enough money to live? What have I done!?

What Doctors Don't Tell You About Depression

Many Western Doctors go straight for the drugs, but there are other things to check first.

Why we Use Plastic

We're using plastic that isn't really ours....

Natural Skincare for Ezcema, Psoraisis, Dermatitis and dry skin

A few testimonials and benefits of smooch natural skin care when you have dry skin or a skin condition

Why I started business as a Sensual Massage and Natural Lubricant company

We started Smooch Natural Products as a sensual massage and natural lubricant company but soon developed to all sorts...

Biodegradable plastic, is this the plastic of the future?

Biodegradable plastic is it the green way to go? At Smooch Natural Products we disagree and here's why.

A Company without Palm Oil

Smooch Natural Products ready to take on an Orangutan or two!

Starting a Business

15 years of trials and we were ready to start but we started with the wrong product.

We've Got Balls!

Smart balls are an essential part (I believe) to women's health and wellness. As our bodies get older the muscles need to be built up to keep them strong. Talk to an older lady near you and find out what happens to weak pelvic muscles. It's too scary to write about! For me. I find that I go to the toilet less often for a decent amount and not for minimal amounts often. Saves me time and paper!