Do all of your products have coconut oil as the base oil?

Yes - coconut oil is full of goodness. We love it! 
In fact all of our ingredients have been chosen because of their effective health qualities for the skin and body. 

Do you use hydronated coconut oil?

Absolutely not - we use 100% pure virgin oil.  It has been cold pressed and all of the goodness retained.
Some coconut oil has been treated in such a way that it loses its goodness. Buy wisely. Be careful out there! 

Are there any extra fragrances, additives, parabens or chemicals in Smooch Natural Products?

No, we believe that, if you can’t eat it, it shouldn’t be on your skin. There is nothing in any Smooch products that you can’t eat. 

Every ingredient that we use is for the benefit of the skin and body and they all smell good enough to eat.