Do all of your products have coconut oil as the base oil?

Yes - coconut oil is full of goodness. We love it! 
In fact all of our ingredients have been chosen because of their effective health qualities for the skin and body. 

Do you use hydronated coconut oil?

Absolutely not - we use 100% pure virgin oil.  It has been cold pressed and all of the goodness retained.
Some coconut oil has been treated in such a way that it loses its goodness. Buy wisely. Be careful out there! 

Oils usually just ‘sit’ on my skin and take ages to absorb. Why?

The skin is our largest organ and is constantly changing. If your skin isn’t nourished properly the dead and dry skin cells sit on the top and the new skin struggles to grow from underneath. 
Once your skin is fully nourished it will absorb quicker and look and feel much younger because it is. You’ve got rid of the dead skin cells and the new skin is naturally younger. 
I would recommend using Smooch Exfoliating Sugar Scrub at least weekly (either one) and the Doctor Smooch as a daily moisturiser.

Does Smooch Sensual Massage Oil stain the sheets?

No - I’ve found that any marks wash out in a cold wash.

Is the massage oil good for you internally?

Yes - it’s actually recommended that we have 1-3 tablespoons of coconut oil a day.

Smooch Sensual Massage Oil has effective anti-fungal properties that will kill the fungi in vaginal or oral yeast infections. Also being anti-bacterial Smoooch will work well preventing bacteria to grow.