Smooch Acne Balm

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Fast results for many! One step easy to use 

Our Acne Balm is high in Linoleic Acid (that's a good thing). Oils higher in Linoleic Acid are good for people with oily skin. They may help remove excess keratin which could be causing the black and white heads. 

Acne Balm works as a Pro-active cleanser that doesn't need to be washed off and can be used by most people as a daily moisturiser but is particularity good for people with oily skin.

Made for teenagers: There are no rules! Just take a little bit in your palm and then rub gently onto your face. No need to wipe it off, doesn't matter what time of day to use it or even if they have washed or not. Just put it on and that's it. And because teenagers can be a funny lot we have made it so the wallet carrier can use it as a moisturiser too so nothing gets wasted if they forget to use it. 

A little goes a long way. 


All 100% natural plant based ingredients.

We leave ingredients in their natural state so the product will change consistency with temperature changes but the effectiveness will remain. 

Our coconut oil comes straight from Vuna Village on Taveuni Island in Northern Fiji. 

Fijian nui pure, organic, virgin cold pressed coconut oil, Ocimum basilicum var.Linalool, lavender, Argania spinosa, Evening Primrose, Vitamin E, Apple Cider Vinegar, Organic Fochina