Smooch Combo

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Put an end to dry skin with this combo

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These two products work so well together that we thought we'd give you a discount  of 15% for getting them both together. (Not to be used in conjunction with any other discount code) 

Using the Vanilla and Macadamia Sugar Scrub once a week and the Doctor Smooch daily can put an end to dry skin by working as a possible cure and hopefully as prevention too. 

The scrub works by removing the dead and dry skin cells and the oils nourish the new skin. This two part system has helped many people overcome their dry skin. Macadamia Oil is very similar to our natural skin oils so it helps support your skin, rather than strip your natural oils away.

Perfect skin care for nurses, doctors, medical workers, early childhood teachers, builders, mechanics, concrete workers, hairdressers

  • Anyone having to wash their hands a lot (water can dry your skin)
  • If you're using chemicals, such as hairdressers
  • Mechanics getting grease and oil (of the wrong kinds) on your skin
  • Builders, concrete workers, farmers, fisher people, the raw materials you use is taking off the top layer of skin constantly so we may be able to help restore and repair that damage
  • Psoriasis sufferers, the scrub helps break down the excess dry skin but nourishes it at the same time. Doctor Smooch is recommended for daily use 
  • Dry or cracked heals this combo is the bomb for that