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A nourishing daily moisturiser designed for dry or sensitive skin, forever. Try Dr. Smooch today, risk free with a 100% Money Back Guarantee and find out why customers rave about Dr. Smooch for skin irritations such as eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, dry skin, athlete’s foot, anti-ageing, after sun, hardened or cracked skin, rashes and after shaving.

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Why Doctor Smooch Can Benefit So Many 

Dr. Smooch doesn't use potential skin irritants and is still affordable, smells delicious and hydrates your skin leaving it feeling nourished and soft. 

  • Skin feels smoother and hydrated
  • Helps support your skin naturally
  • Fast absorbency rate
  • No oily feel
  • Feels light on your skin
  • Hydrates your skin immediately
  • Can reduce dry skin, itchiness and redness from the first use
  • 100% money back guarantee
  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Contains Macadamia which is very similar too and can help support our owns natural oils 
  • It's just a really nice, soothing moisturiser! 

It’s Also What We Leave Out That Adds To Our Difference

  • No fillers. (These make products cheaper to manufacture) 
  • No fragrances or preservatives (parabens)
  • No sulphates or stabilisers which keep products in cream form
  • No chemicals or petro-chemicals (specific chemical compounds, which can be made from oil, natural gas, coal etc.) 
  • No animal by-products
  • No plastic packaging or palm oil

 “We have tried creams and washes and prescriptions from doctors...nothing seemed to work. We have used your product twice and all the dry skin has healed…”

—  Nelson Shopper

"My hairdresser has bad psoriasis and dermatitis and was given your product as a birthday gift by her mother. She has struggled for years. Your product is working like a dream (very quickly I might add) for her. I’m hoping it will do the same for my husband’s face lol." - Sharon

Our Wholesome Ingredients Sourced Directly From Nature Mean You Get... 

  • Guilt free skincare.
  • Natural anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties.
  • A little that goes a long way.
  • Natural sun protection (SPF 8).
  • A product so natural you could eat it.
  • Protection from free radicals that age our skin.
  • Warm fuzzy feeling as you're not adding plastic bottles to the environment.

100% Money Back Guarantee
NZ made

Animal cruelty free


100% vegan     100% NZ made     cruelty free


“I put it on my partner's eczema and even after one application his skin was not as irritable and softer.”

—  Alana

“My rosacea feels great now (well it actually seems to be gone mostly) - no more sores on my nose and actually no more pimples for weeks.”

—  Emma, Wellington

Pure Virgin Fijian Niu Cold Pressed Coconut Oil, Macadamia integrifolia, Cranberry Oil, Vitamin E, Lavender, Vanilla Oleoresin 100% pure, Fochina (organic blend).


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If you get a bite, scratch, cut, burn (including cordite burns), rash, spots or pimples, apply Dr. Smooch. 

We are all unique, so results will vary from person to person. However, you should see a result with the first few uses if not straight away. If things look worse or you are not sure, please consult your GP.

Your skin is your largest organ.

For best results use Dr. Smooch every day over your face and whole body. Our testing found that people who used Dr. Smooch as a daily skin moisturiser saw its benefits faster. If you have a difficult area on your elbow you will get a better result rubbing Dr. Smooch over your whole arm.

Coconut oil is Dr. Smooch’s base ingredient.

Dr. Smooch will fluctuate between being a cream and an oil depending on the temperature. It doesn't matter how many times it changes. Think of it as your Smooch barometer. It doesn't need to be kept in the fridge but out of direct sunlight is best. 

We are plastic and palm oil free

To help keep our oceans clean we don't use plastic. Our jars are re-usable and recyclable.

For any jars returned to us we donate 50 cents to help 'The Orangutan Project', to support orangutans affected by the companies that use Palm Oil (sometimes called Vegetable Oil). For more information, visit

Dry skin, Cracked Heels or Psoriasis?

Customers tell us Dr. Smooch is great for this and I use it everyday myself. For an extra kick, use Dr. Smooch in conjunction with the Vanilla and Macadamia Sugar Scrub. The sugar scrub is a weekly treatment and Dr. Smooch is for everyday use. You will notice a difference after 1 use. Your skin will love you for it. 

Our skin ages quickly from free radicals.

Free radicals age us prematurely. They may be sunshine, rain and wind, working under lights, working outside, washing your hands a lot, hard water, chemicals that we may have to use - Dr. Smooch helps keep your skin nourished and helps prevent dryness caused by these free radicals.

We use ingredients that are like your body’s natural oils. 

Such as, macadamia which is very similar to human sebum. So, you should see a difference very quickly. This is one reason why it works for so many people. Macadamia is easily absorb and nourishes our skin. The phytosterols protect and assist in skin recovery, in a similar way that cortisone works helping to reduce itchiness and inflammation. 
Linoleic fatty acid makes it great for a skin that has difficulty retaining moisture. Macadamia is one of natures best kept secrets and a must in any skincare routine especially for mature skin. 

Doctor Smooch For Babies?

Absolutely good for babies. From cradle cap to nappy rash. Help soothe irritated or dry skin anywhere on baby.
We believe that nature knows best.

We source our ingredients from nature. The base for most of our skincare range is pure virgin, cold pressed coconut oil from Taveuni, Fiji. The village uses traditional extracting methods and we love that we and our customers help keep local people employed.

Find out more about the product’s origins here.