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Perfect for those with sensitive skin who want a gentle shampoo and for people trying to reduce the amount of plastic and packaging in their lives.

This magic little bar will last months and is easy to use. You can rub the bar directly onto your scalp or rub in your hands to create a small lather before rubbing into your hair.


  • Gentle
  • Can be used on babies 
  • Plastic and packaging free
  • Full of natures goodness 

"As a person who struggles to find a shampoo that doesn't make my scalp itch I find this to be the only shampoo I can use. I actually use our Smooch Beard Oil as conditioner" Corrin, CEO of Smooch Natural Products

The Shampoo Bars are made by the same local farm that produce the Goats Milk Soaps

WARNING: In our Smooch products we don't use any ingredients that you can't eat. This is not the same for the soaps, shampoo and shaving abrs on this website....Don't eat soap