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  • Doctor Smooch to help save your skin from drying out and cracking around the edges. Also great after shaving to soothe the skin and may help reduce any redness
  • Roar Beard Oil, to soothe and tame that mane.
  • If you're skin gets really dry try the sugar scrub. Use it once and you'll see the difference
  • Shaving bars for a smooth shave 
  • Shampoos that work as a conditioner as well so you look great and save time in the shower!


Sweet Orange and lavender Deodorants
Free shipping in NZ over $30 (Non-rural)

Natural Deodorant

An effective, nourishing deodorant that delivers all-natural freshness, all day. Prevent unwanted odours and stained clothes while soothing and moisturising your skin with our irritant and aluminum-free Smooch Natural Deodorant. Beautifully blended with organic plant oils, our deodorants are available in your choice of natural fragrance - Sweet Orange or Lavender.

$18.00 NZD incl GST

Massage and natural lubricant
Free Shipping in NZ (Non-rural)

Sensual Massage Oil

Smooch Sensual Massage Oil is a luxurious body oil and a natural lubricant.

From $18.00 NZD incl GST

doctor large jar and box
Free shipping in NZ over $30 (Non-rural)

Doctor Smooch Natural Skincare

A nourishing daily moisturiser designed for dry or sensitive skin, forever. Try Dr. Smooch today, risk free with a 100% Money Back Guarantee and find out why customers rave about Dr. Smooch for skin irritations such as eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, dry skin, athlete’s foot, anti-ageing, after sun, hardened or cracked skin, rashes and after shaving.

$39.95 NZD incl GST

Sugar Scrub (large)
Free shipping in NZ over $30 (Non-rural)

Sugar Scrub

Perfect for nourishing, protecting and healing the skin, our Smooch Caring Sugar Scrub removes grit, grime and dead skin cells, leaving exfoliated skin feeling smooth and soft. The scrub has a two-part system - a coconut oil base with essential oils for moisturisation and two sugars and two salts for exfoliation. Ideal for weekly TLC, dry skin, cracked heels and the effects of psoriasis. Combine with daily use of Dr. Smooch for younger looking skin that feels nourished, hydrated and softer for longer.

From $15.95 NZD incl GST

Shampoo Bars-for all hair types
Free shipping in NZ over $30 (Non-rural)

Shampoo Bars-for all hair types

These shampoo bars have proven that you DO NOT need conditioning bars - There are have awesome reviews, and we are still in awe of just how effective these shampoo bars are at looking after your hair and scalp. If you're looking for a beautiful shine and conditioning of your hair then look no further.

$14.00 NZD incl GST

Beard Oil
Free shipping in NZ over $30 (Non-rural)

Roar Beard Oil

Roar Beard Oil to Condition your mane

$21.95 NZD incl GST

Free shipping in NZ over $30 (Non-rural)

Natural Shampoo Bar

I just love this shampoo and one bar last the family for months. Using this shampoo you're looking after yourself, your family and the planet

$10.00 NZD incl GST

Free shipping in NZ over $30 (Non-rural)

Soap for us and one for our pets

Handmade with love in Dovedale, these soaps are as natural as soap can be. We also have a Hoof and Hound for our furry friends.(Cinnamon and Lavender and Lemongrass Soap is currently sold out).

$7.00 NZD incl GST

Shaving bar and tin
Free shipping in NZ over $30 (Non-rural)

Shaving Bar

For all your shaving needs

From $10.00 NZD incl GST

beard comb and brush

Beard Comb or Brush

Natural and vegan beard combs and brushes to keep that mane looking pretty flash.

$24.00 NZD incl GST

Insect repellent
Free shipping in NZ over $30 (Non-rural)

Natural Insect Repellent

A natural Insect repellent to help ward off the nasty beasties.

$18.00 NZD incl GST

Gift Vouchers

Gift Vouchers

Can't decide what to get? Try one of our gift Vouchers.

From $10.00 NZD incl GST